White Lies Dark Truth

White Lies Dark Truth

  • Are you living your Lives on an Old Belief System? 

    Update Your Belief System and take your lives to the Next Level of Awareness.

    Do you really live your life the way it was meant to be lived?

    Do you understand your place in the great plan?

    Is your own plan all you wanted it to be or have you followed a path you didn’t really want?

    It is a fact that most of us are brought up to succeed in some way, to conform to what is expected and to carry on doing so until we reach the end of our time. It is also a fact that somewhere along the way, we lose sight of the most important things in life, exchanging them for things we never really wanted. So what happens when you reach that point and where do you go when you realize your life isn’t what you wanted it to be?

    In this book, White Lies, Dark Truth: Question Your Beliefs. Who Are You, Really? you will uncover many of the secrets that have led you to the point of your life you find yourself at, as well as why you got there, with chapters that explore:

     The white lie that is our lives

     The power of spoken words

     The secrets behind love and relationships

     Health and the healing of our bodies

     Money and politics

     Religion and spirituality

     Death and beyond

     And more…

    Don’t be fooled by what you think is normal and what seems to be life as it is lived. There are many facets to the way we live and interact, that have merely been installed to confuse and distort. There is more to life than what is seen at face value and White Lies, Dark Truth will expose that to you.